Visually impaired persons are often offered assistance. If you don’t need help, you should indicate this in a friendly way. If someone assumes that you are lacking intelligence, you should remain just as friendly - even if this is difficult. Even if you are not able to learn through observation you can have good table manners and practice proper etiquette.


Anyone can learn how to handle a phone. Some blind people even use smartphones.

Handling money

Coins can easily be distinguished by their size and other tactile cues. The bills vary in size. You can either measure them using your fingers or you can use special devices. This will help you pay with confidence when shopping.


Being able go shopping on your own greatly contributes to your feeling of independence. You can learn where the different product categories are located. You can ask the staff if you have specific questions. For this purpose, it is important for you to be able to locate the cash register when entering the shop, as you can always find help with shopping there.


Someone who is blind from birth should also learn how to give their signature so that they can clearly sign any required documents.