Finding your way around the kitchen

Where do I find the cooker?
How do I get from there to the sink, the microwave and the refrigerator?
What goes in which cupboard and in which drawer?
Where does the rubbish go?
With my visual impairment, how can I make my work easier with the right lighting and good contrasts?

Safety aspects

How do I safely use a kitchen knife without injuring myself?
How do I safely use a pair of scissors when opening packaging?
How do I organise my workplace to prevent accidents?
How do I safely handle electric appliances?

Classification and marking systems

How do I differentiate my spices?
How do I organise my store cupboard?
How do I mark packaging so that I know what it contains?

Preparation techniques

How do I wash vegetables?
How do I slice and peel fruits?
How do I measure out certain amounts?
How do I mix several ingredients?
How do I measure out spices?
How do I drain pasta?
How do I coat a schnitzel with breadcrumbs?
How do I use special equipment?

Planning of work steps

What needs to be done one step at a time?
How do I prepare a more complex dish in a time-saving way so that at the end everything is ready at the same time?

Dealing with heat

How do I place a pot or pan on the cooker?
How do I know when the fat or water is hot enough for the next step?
How do I take a baking tray out of a hot oven?
How do I drain off hot liquids?